1. What is the primary objective of this DAO?

Fractional DAO Club (FDC) seeks to provide FDC’s investors with outsize returns using algorithm-based trading. Past results can be viewed here.

2. How are decisions made within the DAO?

FDC will operate on a consensus model for

decision-making. Proposals submitted require 60% or higher votes for adoption.

3. What is the process for proposing and implementing new projects or initiatives within the DAO?

To submit new proposals, a token amount is to be deposited and used to start the application, a failed proposal results in the deposits being burnt, and with a successful proposal the tokens are returned. This is to stop spam.

4. How are funds managed within the DAO?

FDC uses a multi-sig wallet as its treasury, the movement of funds must be signed & approved by the appointed personnel.

5. What are the DAO’s future plans, and how will it continue to evolve and adapt to changing circumstances?

As the Dao grows, members would research & recommend new verticals for expansion.

6. What kind of community outreach or education initiatives does the DAO have?

This is an area we are looking into.

7. What measures are in place to ensure the security of the DAO's assets and data?

We are using the SIWE to authenticate the user, as we are decentralized we keep no user data.

8. What is the DAO's stance on governance and transparency?

We believe in running any project with honesty and full transparency from the get-go. The FDC consensus model will not be token-weighted but one vote per account.

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